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Wellness Services


Massage is a wonderful hands on modality the encourages deep relaxation. Our highly trained massage therapists offer a relaxing and rejuvinating massage that will allow you to feel centered and balanced. Our practioneers are masters in clearing stagnant energy, therby opening channels to promote health throughout the body-mind. Massage is a wonderful modality to release aches and pains, that arise from poor posture, and the demands of everyday life. Massage increases our overall health, and leaves one feeling refreshed, and at peace. Give yourself a gift of love with a Blue Iris Massage!

  • Relieve Stress,
  • Improves Circulation,
  • Reduces Pain
  • Boosts Immune System

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a movement reeducation modality that creates greater ease of motion, balance and coordination in the everyday functional movement of the body. By retraining the mind and body to release unnecessary and harmful tension, the Alexander Technique can help you improve your posture, reduce stress, gain poise and confidence, relieve back pain and gain more energy for all of your activities.

The Alexander Technique addresses posture in a variety of ways. It begins by helping the student to understand and deactivate muscles that put unnecessary pressure on the skeletal system, while activating neglected muscles to begin moving in a synchronized, holistic way. The Alexander Technique teaches greater awareness of how we carry our bodies, and empowers people to recognize and lose harmful postural habits.

Cranial Sacral

Pain is often the body's way of signaling us to pay attention to a deeper problem. Instead of just masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals, we can recognize that the symptoms of chronic pain are often an expression of the body's natural impetus to release unrecognized trauma. When the traumatic source of the pain goes untreated the body adopts this stressed internal state as normal.

Craniosacral Therapy (also known as visionary craniosacral work and cranial-sacral therapy) is a gentle, hands-on alternative medicine modality that guides clients through a somatic healing experience to deepen their awareness of the sources of chronic pain, discomfort and imbalance throughout the body. Through subtle contact with the bones and joints of the cranium, spine and sacrum, visionary craniosacral work allows us to understand our pain so that we can clear it from our system. The focus of this work is on increasing the overall health of the body, and allowing your body-mind connection to rebalance the body, heal the trauma, and live with wholeness and wellness.

  • Reduces pain held in the body
  • Effective for migraine headaches, TMJ, vertigo, tinnitus, anxiety and stress
  • Releases post-traumatic stress locked in the body
  • Releases somatic pain
  • Promotes whole body integration
  • Restores and enhances spiritual balance