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Hatha Yoga is an ancient form of meditative exercise that brings peace and strength by aligning the mind, body and spirit. Yoga centers on the intrinsic goodness of the heart as the source of physical action. It is a joyful and fun path to mental and physical health, that reawakens our divine nature through mindful awareness of the body and life-affirming celebration of the "heart".

Yoga classes combine firm, comfortable postures, and pranayama, which are the breathing techniques. This practice relieves stress and anxiety, makes the body fit and flexible, and opens the heart and mind to higher states of awareness. Being fit and happy helps boost our immune system, stills the mind, and allows us to move youthfully throughout life. Whether practiced in a yoga studio, a gym, outdoors, or in your own home, yoga is a wonderful and enlightening way to bring inner peace and strength to all aspects of your life.

Yoga focuses on the alignment of the mind, the attitude of the heart and the action of the body. At Blue Iris Studio, teachers address the musculoskeletal system to deepen students' awareness of their bodies so that they may experience the full benefits of yoga poses. Blue Iris Studio fosters a safe environment where each person is encouraged to practice yoga at their level.

As we step on the path of yoga we meet our physical body, our breath, our voice, our inner stillness and our strength. When we align with the divine we step into the flow of grace.

Yoga Classes Provide These Fitness Benefits:

  • Creates a flexible, youthful spine
  • Increases strength and flexibility throughout the body
  • Increases range of motion in joints
  • Increases body awareness and fitness
  • Reduces chronic pain and tightness